This is an announcement. My old website at and the old blog at are now defunct. The new website is at and the new blog is at

The old website used Dokuwiki engine. I devised a way of using Dokuwiki namespaces such that the website had a public namespace that everyone could visit, a private namespace which I used for keeping various notes and reference materials, and a couple of private namespaces I created for my collaborators. To some extent it was a website, a note-taking app, and a collaboration platform all in one. I gradually stopped using all of these features in favor of GitHub, paper notebook (or sometimes Evernote), Google Drive and such. The only Dokuwiki feature left was the public website itself, which I now replace with a static website generated with Hugo I wanted to make such transition for a long time already.

The old blog was a self-hosted Wordpress installation. Wordpress is great, but as with the personal website, I wanted to transition to a static, Hugo-generated blog for a while now. It works much better for R-related posts thanks to the ‘blogdown’ package. Moreover, in the early 2020 I had major spam and security issues. I think Hugo-powered setup will be simpler and more secure. I still need to work-out the RSS feed for the R tag so that such tagged posts will get syndicated by R-Bloggers. I am also considering adding Discuss to enable comments/discussion. My goal is to migrate all the posts from the old blog to the new blog.