Last Sunday I returned from Utrecht from the annual Sunbelt conference gathering social network researchers. The conference program was packed full with ~800 presentations and posters.

Some notable presentations:

  • TAB Snijders on social settings model within the SIENA/SAOM framework.
  • Pavel Krivitsky on ERGMs for multiplex networks
  • Ulrik Brandes etal talking about their positional paper on SNA vs Data science
  • Carter Butts looking for microfoundations of Pavel’s offset-based reference measure for ERGMs

It was also busy for me

  • Teaching igraph workshop.
  • Co-running ndtv and ergm.ego workshops.
  • Talk on applying ergm.ego to GSS 2004 egocentric data.
  • Talk on mulitple-group ERGM fitting to school data.
  • Agata presented first results from our Portuguese letters project.