I have moved my rgraph6 R package to R-Forge. R-Forge is a website that facilitates development of R packages by providing services for version control (through Subversion), automatic checking and building of the packages including binaries for Windows and MacOS, as well as for collaboration with other R users/developers.

The rgraph6 package has been already available through my private mini-repository. It provides an interface to a pretty compact format for storing undirected graphs as sequences of printable ASCII characters which is quite useful for handling large libraries of undirected graphs. The format itself is due to Brendan McKay. The detailed description of it is available here and is also included within the rgraph6 package.

Two crucial functions of the package are written in C. As my knowledge of C is rather low it might be far from perfect. If you know C well you are more than welcome to have a look at the sources and suggest some improvements. I believe that one of the crucial things is checking for the size of the character sequences that are converted to binary numbers and then to decimal. I’m not sure whether it will work for arbitrary network sizes. I plan to put a public advertisement on R-Forge to look for people who would be willing to do that. Actually that was one of the reasons I opened the package development to others through R-Forge. So don’t be shy and go ahead! :)

From now on I will not release any future version of rgraph6 through this website. All will be distributed through rgraph6’s website on R-Forge. The older versions will still be available though. You can install the current version from R-Forge directly from R with: